Risk identification, evaluation & mitigation

Risk Dynamics uses a number of unique tools and methodologies to help you identify, assess and address the full spectrum of enterprise risks and opportunities facing your organisation.

Risk monitoring

Risk Dynamics uses Flipview® to help you keep track of your key risks and opportunities. FlipviewTM can be tailored to your organisation's specific needs and can also be set up to track action items and receive key market and industry related feeds and alerts.

Targeted assessments

Our core focus at RiskDynamics is enterprise risks. We also work with a number of partner organisations and industry experts to provide specialist reviews as required.

Risk workshops

Workshops can be a useful way to harness engagement around risk and to reach consensus around the key enterprise risks and opportunities facing an organisation. Our team of seasoned risk experts can facilitate workshops for your senior leadership team and/or board. FlipviewTM also has a workshop mode incorporated and this can be used as an aid in running the workshop (allowing key graphs and charts to be updated automatically).

Ben Stevens

Ben is the Chief Executive of Risk Dynamics and founder of FlipviewTM.

Risk Dynamics is a boutique consultancy specialising in strategic risk and consults to some of New Zealand's leading brands. FlipviewTM is an online tool that Ben developed after growing tired of seeing many companies track their risks with unwieldy spreadsheets. The tool takes the pain from the risk assessment process by automating risk gathering and reporting, building a dashboard that is dynamic and engaging. Ben has an extensive background in risk and has spent over a decade working in senior strategic risk roles across a variety of industries including the recorded music industry in London, the TV and broadcast industry in Eastern Europe and more recently the payments and Telco industry in New Zealand.

Ben speaks several European languages and has a uniquely international perspective, having lived in Germany, the Czech Republic, London, Sweden and Finland.

Ben is a Chartered Accountant and holds an Executive MBA from Warwick Business School. He has a keen Interest in futurist trends and in particular their impact on traditional business models.


Release your company from complicated spreadsheets, disparate systems and outdated methodologies. Unlock the opportunities associated with risk.

FlipviewTM gives you a holistic view on your company's key risks and opportunities. It takes the pain away from the information gathering process and provides you with insights on key risks and opportunities tailored to your business. These insights provide clarity and ultimately help you make more informed decisions.

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